John Pfeiffer ’88

John Pfeiffer ’88 runs his own successful online marketing services agency today and looks back on the opportunities and sense of individualism that Lambda Chi Alpha, Gamma Psi chapter, at Lehigh University fostered in him and his brothers.

“I think what initially attracted me to Lambda Chi is a natural disdain for authority,” John laughed. “Within the traditional fraternity structure between pledges and upperclassmen, the pledges have to go through huge ordeals, often six months to a year of often pointless drudgery to earn the privilege of being a brother.

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K. Ted Franck '47

An Award-winning, Service-filled Journey

A former president of our chapter's alumni association, a current class agent and a 2002 recipient of the Lehigh University Alumni Award, Brother K. Ted Franck '47 took some time to share with us his thoughts on the value of Greek life and the influence that Lambda Chi Alpha has had on his life.

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Steve Ploder ’91

Why did you join a Lambda Chi?

I was always interested in joining a fraternity from a young age. My dad and uncle were fraternity men and it always sounded like a great time. I also grew up surrounded by three sisters and no brothers and always felt like I missed out a bit. A fraternity would be a quick initiation into life with not just one brother but a houseful.

Are there any particular memories you'd like to share from your undergraduate/graduate years at reunions etc.?

There are literally thousands of awesome memories.

What was your involvement with Lambda Chi like during your undergraduate years?

Every memory I have at Lehigh involves some type of fraternity setting. I cannot imagine not being part of a fraternity. I realize everyone takes away different experiences, but for me, Lambda Chi and the fraternity environment was irreplaceable.

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