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If there’s one thing we're certain about in 2020, it’s that everything is uncertain. Just ask any corporate advertisement ever (watch this video for a laugh).

New announcements about fall at Lehigh are coming out every day, and it seems like many of our favorite campus activities are being postponed, moved online, or even cancelled altogether. Many universities are cancelling athletics too, meaning we’re likely to miss our favorite tailgates and homecoming in Bethlehem.  

Current Mountain Hawks may miss out on many of the things we loved about our Lehigh experience. But in the midst of these unfortunate cancellations, we suggest looking back on better days. In remembering our traditions, we reassure ourselves that someday they will return, for us and future generations of Mountain Hawks to enjoy. 

We’d like to remind you of 3 traditions that made coming back to campus feel like coming home. 


Known as THE RIVALRY, the Lehigh-Lafayette football game is the most-played college football rivalry in the nation. The two teams first took to the gridiron in 1884, just one year after the first standardized football rules were established, and have played 154 times since. 


Founder's Weekend 

Founder's Weekend has been an annual Lehigh tradition since it was first celebrated on October 9, 1879, following the death of our founder, Asa Packer. The October event celebrates Asa Packer's legacy and honors the current leaders of the Lehigh community.  


Family Weekend 

Held on campus each fall, Family Weekend is precisely what it sounds like—a celebration of the Lehigh family. The weekend-long event is filled with activities for families and students to enjoy together.