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Gamma Psi brothers, we need your support!

As you all probably know, Lambda Chi lost chapter recognition in 2014 and we aren't eligible for housing again until 2018. There is a chance there won't be a house when we are eligible to return, so we will need to get on a waiting list. Since the board hasn't met regularly, we are depending on these correspondences to keep communications going to alumni. We need everyone to circle the wagons and rally everyone around the recolonization process when the time comes. We want to continue reaching out to alumni to raise funds, stay-in-touch, and celebrate better times! 

We have seen a significant drop in donors for the annual fund as a result of the loss of chapter recognition. There has also been a shortage of alumni submitting profiles, updates, stories, pictures, and news. Any content that we could use in eLetters and print newsletters would help in restoring some of the pride and tradition that we have spent so many years cultivating and nurturing. As always, our mission is to inspire the highest level of character, values, scholarship, and service in each of our members. Make your gift or visit the Alumni Updates section of the website to submit content. We want to hear from you!