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While Gamma-Psi faces a critical period working to secure a future at Lehigh, it’s important for everyone to know that we as alumni are at a make-or-break point.

Our alumni communications program is something that can absolutely make or break our chapter’s future. As Anthony Franchina ’95 recently said about recolonization, “In speaking with others who have gone through this process at Lehigh, they all say the same thing: alumni involvement is vital.”

Without our communications program—which includes these monthly eLetters and The Gamma-Psider Press print newsletter—we would all be left with no way of receiving news about the chapter or upcoming events. We wouldn’t get to see great updates and stories from our brothers, like Stan Stoney ’59 or John Compton ’84, and the memories they bring back of The Hill. We would even lose an updated database of our brothers and how to reach them.

Did you know that our Annual Fund is the only thing that stands between continuing our communications program and losing it?

Did you know that our Annual Fund total decreased from $5,309 from 45 donors in 2015 to just $1,025 from 13 donors in 2016?

During our suspension, we have kept our communications program going because we know the implications behind losing these connections. But without more support, we simply will not be able to sustain it.

If you’re thankful for the time you spent on The Hill—if LXA still has a special place in your heart like we think it does—please consider giving even just a few dollars to the Annual Fund. Your support is what will or will not keep us going.

CLICK HERE to donate online or check out other donating options.