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Stay Informed as We Wait for an Expansion Period

As we anticipate our return to campus, it’s critical that we stay informed about the trends in Greek Life at Lehigh, new regulations, and the reputations fraternity and sorority members are earning on campus.

Here are just a few of the latest headlines you should check out to stay in the loop!

International students dive into American culture through Greek life

This piece explores the positive impact Greek Life involvement is having on international students, helping them form stronger friendships and thrive in a new culture.

What would Lehigh look like without Greek Life?

This feature explores the vastly different opinions of Greek Life that exist, why some members tout the benefits of Greek Life, and why others are advocates of dissolving Greek Life.

Survey launched to gauge LGBTQIA+ inclusion in Greek community

In late March, a survey about LGBTQIA+ inclusion in the Greek community was launched. The data received will conclude the true levels of diversity found within Greek life at Lehigh, specifically in individual chapters, and search for ways to improve inclusivity and acceptance throughout the entire campus. It will show some of the positive things happening in the Greek community, as well as challenges.

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