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Mike Cook '60: "The first place I go when I return to Bethlehem is the Alumni Building – that was the first place I entered when I got to school there. I joined Lambda Chi Alpha because the personality was a good fit. My advice for future Brothers is to follow the rules and get good grades while having fun.” Click HERE to see what else Mike had to say








Dan Morris '79: "I liked the brothers that I met…it felt “right” when I was invited up to the house."

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Mitchell Cihomsky '75: “There were a lot of things about the experience. My proudest moment was helping to retrieve a goal post that was taken from our bar room. A few brothers from another house stopped by and "woosh" the goal post went missing. We assembled some brothers and visited the fraternity and spoke to the chapter president and brotherhood. It was a very "face to face" encounter but in true "Dale Carnegie" fashion, we persuaded those fellows to return the goal post. They very quickly returned the goal post to its home behind our bar.

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Walt Keiper '85, on his proudest moment as a senior at Gamma-Psi: “The chapter was awarded with the Grand High Alpha Award, which was the outstanding chapter of the year award,” he said. “I think it was a lot of hard work but a great learning experience. That’s why I went to work for Lambda Chi Alpha as a chapter consultant. I was able to visit other college campuses around the country and help them build their chapters to a stronger place. I stayed involved because I think the fraternity experience is a worthy experience for a lot of reasons—for camaraderie, leadership building, and learning to deal with different types of people.”

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