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Q: Why did you join Lambda Chi Alpha?

MC: “It was simple - the brotherhood was fun without being stupid crazy - if you know what I mean!”

Q: You have made several donations the chapter over the years. What inspired you to do so?

MC: “At a minimum the least thing a brother can and should is do to give back. I am so surprised that more brothers do not contribute. I am sure everyone is pretty successful and could contribute higher amounts.”

Q: What are the top 3 things you gained from your membership in Lambda Chi Alpha?

MC: “Experience, experience, experience was what I received from membership.”

Q: Please share one of your favorite or fondest memories at the chapter.

MC: Parties, parties, and more parties!

Q: What is your favorite/most memorable Lambda Chi tradition?

MC: “Singing songs over a tapped keg of beer.”

Q: What the craziest or most fun thing you did during your fraternity experience? If you could go back and do it again, would you?

MC: “There were a lot of things about the experience; some character building, some crazy, and some I am not so proud of. My proudest experience was helping to retrieve a goal post that was taken from our bar room.  A few brothers from another house stopped by for a few beers and "woosh" the goal post went missing. We assembled some brothers and visited the fraternity and spoke to the chapter president and brotherhood. It was a very "face to face" encounter but in true "Dale Carnegie" fashion, we persuaded those fellows to return the goal post. They very quickly returned the goal post to its home behind our bar. I can't remember if they stayed for another round of beer!”

Q: What is your hope for the future of the chapter? The time when the chapter is eligible for recolonization is not so far away—how, if at all, do you hope to be involved?

MC: “Would like very much to see the brotherhood return to the house on campus. If I lived nearby I would take an active role in the chapter.  Mainly I would impress upon the brothers that it is great to do "fun" things but not "stupid" things.” 

Q: Please share anything else you’d like to about your life now (career, family, interests, etc.). 

MC: “I have a great life now living in San Francisco. A lot of my success resulted from having 'experienced"  a great school and  a great fraternity.”