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“LXA provided a brotherhood that helped me through college. On graduation, I entered the Navy through Officer Candidate School, and that separated me from my brothers for several years. However, every two years Don Speakman, class of 1964, holds a reunion for the five classes he shared 515 Delaware Ave. with at his house on Chesapeake Bay. That is the classes of 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, & 1966. The most recent reunion was last May.”

-Dave Barber ’66

Unfortunately, the photos from the most recent reunion didn’t turn out. Dave’s class, class of 1966, is celebrating an important milestone—2016 marks their 50th reunion. Happy 50th to all our members of the class of ’66!
For those of you in the class of ’66—or any other year celebrating reunions (years ending in 6 or 1)—let us know why you’re proud to be a member of Lambda Chi by logging in to the website and commenting on this discussion board or replying directly to this email.

First row: Nathan Thayer ’66, Arthur Ridler ’66, Raymond Lauer ’67, Robert Doehne ’67, Robert Klein Jr. ’66, Gordon Huntress ’66, Jeffrey Silliman ’68, Scrufty (first name unknown), George Conly ’68

Second row: David Barber ’66, William Herzog ’68, Wein (first name unknown), Gerald Plante ’68, Samuel Long ’68, William Zacher ’68, Daniel Paulonis ’68, John Popek ’66

Third row: Albert Casazza ’68, Edward Papa ’68, Alan Gayhart ’68, Robert DeMoyer ’66, Ronald Hemler ’66, E. Donald Crouch ’68, Guy Beardslee ’68, Donald Stewart ’66

Fourth row: John Evanowsky ’68, Richard Bell ’68, Ulinoski (first name unknown), James Knopp ’68, Edward Howe ’66, Roger Wall ’68, James Shepard ’67, Arnold Dompieri ’68