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Last month, we heard from Greg Hafeman ’82 in response to our discussion about saving the Gamma-Psi Chapter. He even shared a photo of the Class of 1982! Here’s what he had to say:

“I really appreciated hearing from Bill Brichta and Dan Grow from my era. Two of my favorite brothers. Bill and I have the distinction I believe of living in the house the longest (4 years). Bill because he got his MBA and me because I enjoyed LXA too much. Attached is a photo of the Class of 1982 LXA brothers at a NJ beach house just before our graduation.

I feel for our active brothers and suspect that they were a bit unjustly tried last year. Underage drinking at an off campus party sealed their fate? I guess I realized in 1981 at the Greek Week Campus crawl when a police car was turned upside down at the FIJI House that things were going to change and that change was probably needed. We certainly enjoyed a freedom that probably can never happen again.”

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