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Thank you for your support and dedication to Lambda Chi Alpha! If you haven't contributed yet, you can click here to show your support. Thank you to:

Joe Lambda ($500+)  

Eric K. Wertz 1990

Green ($100 - $249.99)

Donald L. Speakman 1964

Jeffrey Robert Sommer 1979

Joseph F. Kobulsky Jr.1984

Bransby Walter Bushey Jr.1985

Gregory J. Scaven 1985

Michael R. Karicher 1991

Keith L. Janosky 2000

Purple ($50 - $99.99)

Zoltan W. Fazekas 1956

David A. Lynn 1958

Franklin H. Kelly 1965

David G. Barber 1966

Edward H. Howe 1966

Hugh E. Brown 1967

James S. Pennington 1972

Jeffrey D. Jolly 1976

Bruce J. Dunbar 1978

Richard T. Jones 1983

Karl H. Pupke 1987

Donor (Up to $49.99)

Jonathan F. Misisco                                

Jacob S. Nieslanik                                  

William S. Schaefer 1961