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Lehigh University has a storied history of looking at the end of an era – a massive extinction, or the end of days – and rallying to crush the expectation. In the late 1800s, the United States was in a recession. And there was speculation that the university might close, due to a lack of funding. But, alumni, university officials, and the state banded together to fund the university and keep it open and going.

The alumni group of LXA, in the face of extinction, has risen up to maintain without an active chapter. So we have to ask ourselves…what’s next?

We are currently chasing our theme for this year, “Fun with a Purpose”. So what’s in it for you, right? Awesome alumni events, preserving our legacy by collecting and continuing our purpose, as well as reporting the news that alumni post in e-letters or newsletters.

We’re looking to preserve our legacy while having as much fun as we can! We look forward to making 2015 awesome.