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…and he asks for your ID.

Some of your addresses on your ID are blank! We are missing mailing addresses for only 29 of our living alumni! Help us find the rest, please!

If you know one of the following brothers, and know where they live, we would like to make sure they get the newsletter due out in December! Please send us the mailing address to updatemyinfo@affinityconnection.com.

A few brothers we need to find addresses for include:

James Knopp ’68
Edgar De Yoe ’72
Stu Lerner ’82
Russ Tietjen ’84
Adam Speck ‘85
David Stillman ’94
Phil Hitchcock ’03

And checkout the full lost list!


We just want to make sure everyone is getting the best out of our alumni relations program. It’s pure and simple. And remember, none of the information obtained from any brother will be used for personal gain and it will never be traded or sold.