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Faux Friday, a take-off of Bethlehem’s First Friday, is Lehigh University’s attempt to encourage university students to explore the business district of Bethlehem. Last year more than 900 students participated in the event and explored South Side’s shopping and eateries.

During “Faux Friday” students can use their student ID’s and meal plans to cover the cost of their meals at 14 different participating restaurants in the South Side district.

“The point of Faux Friday is to get students into South Bethlehem and explore,” said Steve Dutton, Lehigh’s assistant director of student orientation and engagement. “We’re trying to get students into South Bethlehem so they’ll go back later in the year.”

Currently 750 of the 1200 incoming freshman are scheduled to take part in the fun in the South Side, and officials hope the remaining 400 will choose to attend as well.

How about you? What were your favorite South Side stops while you were an undergrad, or now as you return as a visiting alumnus? Comment below or email content@affinityconnection.com.