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(Fall 2002)

By Walt Keiper '85
Alumni President

As summer comes to an end, our undergraduate brothers are returning to campus for another year of personal and academic pursuits. I'm sure you can recall the energy and excitement as brothers reconnected, sharing stories of the summer and looking forward to the year ahead.

Gamma-Psi of Lambda Chi Alpha continues to provide the opportunities for leadership, friendship and a lifelong bond which you experienced during your time at Lehigh. Financial support of the Brothers of Gamma-Psi Zeta, Inc. annual fund makes these opportunities possible through scholarships, resources and a house that allows our brothers to continue the Lambda Chi spirit.

Please consider making a contribution of $50 or more to the 2002 annual fund. It is crucial that all brothers financially support the brotherhood. Gamma-Psi alumni have been generous in the past, and we are counting on your participation!

Please take a moment to make your gift to the annual fund and to update your brothers on what's new with you. A postage-paid envelope and reply form are enclosed.

P.S. Would you be who and where you are today without the affiliation of Lambda Chi Alpha?