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Rush this year, along with many other aspects of Greek life, has been a new learning experience. The traditional schedule of Rush during the fall semester was changed to what is known as deferred Rush. The fall semester served as a recruitment time for Greek life in general. Recruitment for individual houses did not begin until the spring semester, and it only lasted for four weeks. This change created many new obstacles, but it also provided a very exciting and fast-paced month.

Sixteen new members will be needed in order to sustain the occupancy requirements set forth by the university. The fraternity set a goal of twenty new members. Due to the extra semester given, it was felt that the house would be able to meet and personally know many prospective members before the formal Rush process even began. Also, with so many brothers enthusiastic about the process, twenty associate members seems within reach. Some Rush events included going to a Philadelphia 76ers basketball game, attending a taping of the Conan O'Brien Show, snowboarding, and going out to dinner. Twenty-six bids for associate membership were distributed, and success in the recruitment process is expected.