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Two Lehigh fraternities will be leaving the "Hill" this month. Alpha Chi Rho, "Crow", has lost its house after three consecutive semesters below 90% occupancy, and even after a "grace semester" to make 90%. Crow will be a non-residential fraternity going forward. There is a possibility of further action against Crow since the LU Greek Affairs is investigating whether there was some falsification of membership information at the end of last semester. Another fraternity, Kappa Sigma, has had its local charter revoked by their national fraternity. Kappa Sigma will no longer be recognized as an active fraternity at Lehigh.

The loss of these two long time houses on the "Hill" is a wake up call to the entire Greek system. It is so important to stay connected to the men at LXA. Your continued support enables our fraternity to continue to grow and prosper. Hopefully the alumni and brothers of Kappa Sig and Crow will be able to try to restore their positions in the future.