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What is your year, major, & hometown?
I am currently a sophomore here at Lehigh and I am from Fort Washington, PA. I am double majoring in Finance and Accounting with a minor in Engineering.

When did you join LXA and why did you choose this fraternity over all the other ones at Lehigh?
I joined LXA second semester of my freshman year during the typical rushing time here at Lehigh. I made it a goal of mine to visit each and every house here so that I did not feel as though all of my options weren't available to me. After seeing what each house had to
offer, and the stereotypes associated with each house, I came across LXA and was unable to attach a word to the house. This house was comprised of all individuals ranging from one end of the spectrum to the other, true diversity at a school that says they do not have any.

What is your best LXA memory?
The day I got my bid offer.

Are you on the officer/executive board? If so, what is your position?
I have been on the standards board as a representative from my year, however more recently our President Robbie Deeb has stepped down and I have been chosen to take his place. Effective January 14th I will be the new President of LXA.

Are you involved in any other extracurricular activities or clubs? If so, what are they?
I am on the Interfraternity Council as the Scholarship Chairman, I was an Orientation Leader, I am a member of the Association of Student Alumni (ASA), I am the program coordinator in the Zoellner Arts Center Theatre Department, I am a part of the Greek Emerging Mentor's program, and I took a part in the Junior Interfraternity Council my freshman year.

Do you plan on staying involved with LXA as an alumnus?
As of now I see myself staying involved. As times change and people move on I will re-evaluate my position.

What are your career goals?
Currently I am searching for internship opportunities in my fields of study. In the future I will be looking for a job upon graduation, but at this point in time I am just enjoying what Lehigh and LXA have to offer me.