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The Lambda Chi barroom was recently renovated. The project was intended to renovate the existing room and to bring back the positive atmosphere that once lingered amongst the walls.
Prior to the project, the walls had been corroding and the floor was in bad shape and the paint and decals were fading.

The entire floor was gutted and resurfaced for a clean and smooth appeal. The walls that were salvageable were kept, as replacement drywall was constructed on an as need basis. The color of the room was decided to be a dark green and all of the walls were finished in great detail. The bottom half of the walls are made of brand new wood paneling for the two tone approach. Extra money was then used to cap off the project and have the barroom glow with dark wood stained crown molding that outlines the ceiling and each window/ door frame. The bathroom door has the same dark wood glossy finish.

The combination of the dark green walls and the wood glossy finish trim creates the scene as if you were in an Irish/ English pub somewhere overseas. The new atmosphere in the barroom has brought more brothers into the room simply to hang out and catch up. People now do not need a reason to go down there, but simply do it out of respect and awe of the room.

The current brothers of LXA would like to thank all alumni who donated money to this project and encourage everyone to come back and visit. Indeed we do have a new barroom to show off, and we would also like to get to know you. We hope to see you soon!