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Thank you to our alumni members who recently responded to let us know how Lambda Chi Alpha has influenced their lives. Here's what one brother had to say about his time in the fraternity:

Ross Trachtenberg '02: "The brothers I lived with from '99-'02 are still my best friends. They are in my wedding party and the people (outside of work and family) that I spend the most time with. The relationships I made during my time living in the house and going back as an alumni are the biggest part of my experience." Ross added, "I met my fiance, soon-to-be wife, on a road trip with Ross Hurwitz." He also credits his roles within the fraternity and greek community with positioning him to succeed later in life. "I believe the leadership positions that I held both in the house and with IFC were key to me getting jobs after college. In my current position in the Admissions Office at an Independent School, I draw on my experience as Rush Chair for IFC and all of the rush events with the house." Ross went on to say that he chose Lambda Chi because of the brothers that rushed him. "I did not know the incoming class well before we became AM's. It was the guys in the house that I got to know not only during the large rush events, but the weekly dinners and hanging out and watching football on Sundays."

To add your memories and explain how Lambda Chi influenced your own life, click on our message boards and your feedback may appear on the site as well!