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DU Hung Out to Dry


From the 3/2/10 issue of The Brown & White

Fifteen brothers of Delta Upsilon recently had their active status withdrawn, according to a DU reorganization committee.

This committee has determined Lehigh's chapter of DU faces occupancy issues, as well as a lack of participation in chapter and campus events.

But rather than resolve this situation with a stern warning or a proactive shove in the right direction, DU International has determined the best way to go about making changes is to subjectively determine which brothers best fulfill the ideals of DU, offer those brothers "active membership" and kick the rest to the curb.

Those not offered invitations to "rejoin" the fraternity are able to become alumni of DU, even though they are still undergraduate students.

If Lehigh's chapter of DU has not lived up to the fraternity's ideals for years, making a statement like this is somewhat understandable. The timing of the statement, however, is not.

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