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Thank you to William Schaefer '61 for the following memory.

He writes, "This memory was like a bolt of pure joy out of an azure mid-October sky, as we sat around the Lambda Chi lunch table enjoying our repast of meatloaf and green beans.

And the Everly Brothers, "Wake up Little Suzie" was playing everywhere.

A campus emissary seemed to materialize at the entrance to the dining area with a remarkable announcement: "The university, starting now, will close for two weeks due to an epidemic of the Hong Kong Flu." Wow! unadulterated euphoria! We immediately planned a gala "Flu Party" for that night.

Naturally, it was a great party--with the thought that we had two weeks of unexpected bliss ("What will we tell our friends when they say ooh-la-la") replacing George Boole's Boolean Algebra and those awful 8 o'clock classes! "

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