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Thank you to William Schaefer '61 for submitting the following...

"I remember a bolt of pure joy out of an azure mid-October sky, as we sat around the Lambda Chi lunch table enjoying our repast of meatloaf and green beans.

And the Everly Brothers 'Wake up Little Suzie' was playing everywhere.

A campus emissary seemed to materialize at the entrance to the dining area with a remarkable announcement: "The university, starting now, will close for two weeks due to an epidemic of the Hong Kong Flu." Wow! unadulterated euphoria! We immediately planned a gala "Flu Party" for that night.

Naturally, it was a great party--with the thought that we had two weeks of unexpected bliss ("What will we tell our friends when they say ooh-la-la") replacing George Boole's Boolean Algebra and those awful 8 o'clock classes!

In a strange way, the party was even better for me because about two hours into the evening, I realized I was coming down with the Hong Kong Flu! It was almost like a badge of honor--I had paid my dues by contracting the darn thing and thus earning the right to the time off. Plus, it was very mild. After slight chills and fever and the obligatory aches and pains, by late afternoon the next day, I was fine. That Asian varmint was no match for a Lambda Chi keg!

The two week hiatus was great with fine weather and the start of a nice friendship with Senior brother Joe Ginnocchio. He was from Summit, just over the mountain from me in Westfield. We played tennis and caught a couple of movies, including, "Marjorie Morningstar." Joe was a great guy, top student and diehard Yankee fan."

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